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1. Trikkala Evaluation Trial 76MT3. A joint trial with D.A. Nicholas. The trial's aim is to compare the competitive ability under grazing of Trikkala and Yarloop clover on a waterlogged new land site. The competitive ability to be measured in the presence and absence of clover scorch. (Kabatiella caulivora). 2. Pasture deterioration. Field experiments. Three trials established in 1975 to determine whether various cultivation techniques could control root rot and. subsequent pasture deterioration have now concluded. 3. Lucerne productivity and persistence. 4. Effects of saline irrigation water on pasture production. During the 1976/77 irrigation season the effects on pasture production of water from the Wellington (850mg/l of salt) and Stirling (260 mg/l) Dams was measured for the third year. Phytotron Experiments. TABLE 1. Trikkala evaluation trial seed set 1976/77. TABLE 2. Dry matter production (kg/ha) in 7 weeks Spring 1977. TABLE 3. Cultivation trials - 1977 plant density and dry matter production (7 weeks). Karridale, Walpole, Narrikup. TABLE 4. Susceptibility of sub clover varieties to root rot infection after four weeks growth. TABLE 5. Lucerne productivity and persistence. Trial 74E3 - Sheep, 74E4 - Cattle, 75AL30 - Cattle. TABLE 6. Pasture Yield and Clover Chloride concentration.

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