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Grains and field crops


"1970· Progress Eight of the 5 unreplicated trials were cropped without fertiliser. Seven were harvested (severe weed infestation ruined 66KA 7). Three trials left under pasture responded to the fertiliser treatments and were cut for dry matter production. The remaining four trials left under pasture grew badly, became weed dominant and were not rated for growth differences between treatments or cut for dry matter production. The replicated trials at Avondale and Newdegate were also cropped, without fertiliser. The replicated trials at Wongan Hills Research Station and Chapman did not visually respond to treatments and were not cut. 69WHl5 succumbed to capeweed despite spraying, grazing and mowing. 65C5 remained unfenced since the beginning of 1969, the year it was cropped and consequently individual plot grazing was impossible. Furthermore the "1970 fertiliser treatments were not applied since the plot'boundaries could not clearly be delineated. Seed yields were obtained from all the pastured trials.

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Western Australia, Pasture, Fertilisers, Variety trials.


Agronomy and Crop Sciences | Weed Science