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Dock Control. To reduce the density of old dock plants in a pasture to less than one per square metre three to four years spraying with dicamba is necessary... Dock control - Dicamba in pastures - 73AL38, 73AR9, 73BU9. Dock control in pasture (Effect of treatments 1973-1975) - 73BU6. Dock control in pasture (1976 treatments) - 73BU6. Dock control in cereals - 76A130. Weed control in lupins. Post emergence herbicides in lupins - 76AL9, 76BA29, 76C5, 76E7, 76NA13. Comparison of simazine formulations in lupins - 76BA8. Weed control in vineyards. Alachlor, atrazine and simazine gave excellent control of weeds and minimal effect on vines in the year of transplanting. Atrazine 2.5 kg/ha was the cheapest, Chlorthal, a commonly used herbicide in nurseries caused a marked reduction in growth... The tolerance of young vines to herbicides - Upper Swan Research Station. Tolerance of 2nd year vines to herbicides - Upper Swan Research Station. The tolerance of vines to glyphosate - Upper Swan Research Station.

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