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1. Drilled Trials in Wheatbelt Districts. Trial No. 76GE7, 76LG5, 76ME5, 76ME6, 76M011, 76M012, 76NA6, 76N01, 76TS10. A series of 9 trials to compare the crossbred subterranean clovers Nungarin, 239.2 and 584.1B. with Northam and Geraldton was sown in representative, dry wheatbelt localities in 1976. The trials were sown in randomised blocks with four replications on sites which carried little or no clover. Plot size was 4.22 metres by 40 metres. Superphosphate was applied at rates related to past applications and soil type, but was usually about 200 kg a hectare. Copper, zinc and molybdenum were applied where necessary. Seed was sown at 30 kg a hectare. The location of the trials and brief details of soils and climate are tabulated. Rainfall, May-Oct. (mm). - Bencubbin, Burakin, Hyden (Karlgarin n.a.), Kalannie, Lake King, Mullewa (Pindar n.a.), Perenjori, Walgoolan (Noongaar n.a.), Wyalkatchem. Seed Yields - Lake King, Kalgarin, Bencubbin, Noongaar, Perenjori, Pindar. 2. Grazing Trial, Merredin Research Station.

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