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1. South west sub clover root rot - 1975 cultivation experiments - To investigate the effect of time of cultivation, and nitrogen application, upon the incidence and severity of both tap and lateral root rot of subterranean clover. Localities - Karridale (76BU1), Manjimup (75MA1), and Walpole (75DE1). 2. South West sub clover root rot - 1976 cultivation experiments - Localities - Karridale (75BU11), Walpole (75DE12), and Narrikup (75AL36). 3. White rust on rapeseed - Aims - To examine the role of white rust seed infection in disease aetiology and epidemiology, both in an area containing white rust infected trash and in an area deviod of such infected trash. To attempt to control both leaf and head white rust infections using a mancozeb fungicide as a seed treatment and in various spray schedules. Sites: Mt Barker Research Station (76MT11) and Denmark Research Station (76D8). White rust infected trash was present near the trial on Mt Barker Research Station but none was known to be present at Denmark Research Station. Variety: Brassica campestris var Span.

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