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Grains and field crops


The object of these trials is to attempt to determine the best rotation for each area or at least give some guidelines for recommendations as to the optimum rotation. Also to determine the effect of various pasture phases on the performance of the following crops and the number of crops required to utilise any accrued benefit from the pasture. In addition the trials on the Salmon Gums Research Station (68SG5) will attempt to compare cereal rotations on both volunteer and barrel medic pastures. It is also hoped to be able to get some estimate of grazing production from barrel medic and volunteer pastures. The trial being run by the Geraldton District Office at Northampton (68GE8) will determine the best rotation for soil badly infected with cereal eelworm. Also find the effect of various lengths of pasture and fallow on the level of eelworm in the soil. The eelworm work is being carried out by Miss Goss of Plant Pathology.

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Western Australia, Crop establishment, Heterodera avenae.


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