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This year's trials have added little to the data already accumulated on the corssbreds 175,1 and 239.2 (Table 1). Higher seed yields at Merredin would have included some hard seed from the previous year. The lack of reliable data from the May sowings due to poor viability of some seed lines (including 175 and 239) grown at Medina was unfortunate. Data from Lake King is not yet available. Geraldton performed surprisingly well in the late sowings despite overall low seed yields. With late sowing its flowering date was within a few days of the crossbreds so that late sowing appears to cancel the usual early flowering advantages of the crossbreds, and in such a situation the rapid seed production of Geraldton is an advantage. Northam A for the third consecutive season was mediocre in seed yield despite its impressive looking growth in the swards and on seed yield data it has to date been significantly poorer than the best of the crossbreds (175.1.3) in seven out of eight May sown (or germinating) trials at the Merredin, Bencubbin and Bunjil test centres. At these centres 175.1.3 has outyielded Geraldton in five of the eight trials. Table 1. Early Crossbreds Seed Yield : Hard Seed and Maturity Data. Table 2. Herbage and Seed Yields Denmark 1975 kgs/ha - Kabatiella resistant crossbreds. Kabatiella Resistant Crossbreds

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