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Lupinus albus cv WB2: Maximum yield response to 36 plants/m2 at Avondale (1973 and 1974) and Mt Barker Research Station in 1973 (achieved with 180 to 200 kg/ha seed rate), Maximum yield response to 48 plants/m2 at Chapman 1973 and 1974 and at Eradu 1974 (achieved with 220 tG 240 kg/ha). Very good yield results: Season - site Avondale 1973-3300, 1974-2250. kg/ha Chapman 1973-2800, 1974-2400. Mt Barker 1973-1900. 74A2 - Rates Of seeding for L, albus cv WB2. 74A21 - Rates of super on two lupin varieties. 74BR1 - Pasture regeneration after lupin survey. 74C4 - Rates of seeding L. albus CV WB2. 74GE7 - Pasture regeneratien after lupin survey. 74GE8 - Rate of seeding on lupins. 74GE9 - Rates of seeding L. albus. 74KA4 - Rates of Seeding on Lupins. 73M014 - Rates of seed and super on lupin varieties. 74M010 - Pasture establishment under a lupin crop. 74MO11 - Rates of seed and super with L. cosentini. Var. CB46. 74TS5 - Polyculture of wheat and lupins. 74TS6 - Pasture establishment under a lupin crop.

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