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In 2008, the Ord Irrigation Expansion Project was approved by the Western Australian Government to develop irrigated agriculture on the Weaber Plain. Construction of the M2 supply channel connecting the ORIA and the Weaber Plain, and the final period of irrigation design, environmental management and related approval processes, commenced later in 2009. This process followed a protracted period of public and private industry planning and environmental assessment (Kinhill 2000). This report summarises an analysis of groundwater salinity trends on the Ivanhoe and Weaber plains and the preliminary results of an intensive water-quality sampling program carried out in 2010 as part of Phase 1 of the project. The purpose of this report is to provide interim results to inform groundwater management plans required as part of the approval process for the development of the Weaber Plain.

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Webber plains, salinity, Ivanhoe, Packsaddle, groundwater, irrigation


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