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The Ravensthorpe area covers 861, 000 hectares. Ninety percent of the study area covered in this report falls within the Ravensthorpe Shire, Western Australia. This document aims to give the reader a starting point from which to further assess larger scale areas of the catchment for the purpose of planning to reverse and improve land degradation and sustainable farming in Western Australia.


Water deficit, Munglinup River Catchment (WA), Watersheds, Western Australia, Hydrology, Waterways, Soil degradation, Wind erosion, Jerdacuttup region (WA), Watershed management, Risk assessment, Vegetation management, Soil, Hopetown (WA), Groundwater, Salinity, Soil management, Water erosion, Remnant vegetation


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Ravensthorpe Area Catchment Appraisal 2006 2.pdf (1065 kB)
Figure 17: Groundwater trends, low-lying areas and salt-affected land