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Analyses the risk of soil, land and water degradation within the Avon River Basin of Western Australia. Information is based on the interpretation of the characteristics of soils and landscapes within the Avon River basin. This report deals with 15 natural resource management issues and describes the extent of each issue, the impacts that each issue will have, management options that can be used to deal with each issue, and the effectiveness of each management option in dealing with the issues.


Soil fertility, Water supply, Water erosion, Salinity, Soil compaction, Agricultural land, Flooding, Soil structure, Western Australia, Water repellent soils, Waterlogging, Soil acidity, Eutrophication, Natural resources, Impact, Risk assessment, Acid sulfate soils, Wind erosion, Resource management, Soil degradation, Avon River Valley Region (WA), Remnant vegetation, Losses from soil, Avon River catchment (WA)


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