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This report for the Avon Natural Resource Management Strategy provides an assessment of the current status of land resources throughout the Avon River Basin in Western Australia. It identifies the sub-regions and landscape components of the area and the land resource assets. The greatest threats are salinity, soil acidification, subsurface compaction, waterlogging, water and wind erosion, and biosecurity.

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South west region (WA), Soil fertility, Soil movement, Saline water, Water erosion, Remnant vegetation, Losses from soil, Salinity, Flooding, Agricultural land, Soil structure, Soil compaction, Water repellent soils, Western Australia, Soil acidity, Waterlogging, Natural resources, Avon River catchment (WA), Wind erosion, Avon River Valley Region (WA), Land management, Acid sulfate soils, Soil degradation, Impact, Risk assessment, Water supply, Eutrophication, Watershed management


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