Suzanne Jenkins

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The Native Vegetation on Farms survey 1996 was performed to assess the attitudes of farmers to a number of issues related to existing native vegetation on farmland, the replanting of vegetation on farms and land degradation. Research has shown that it is important for a proportion of all farmland to have some native vegetation for ecological stability, to regulate hydrological processes and for long-term sustainability of farm production.


Remnant vegetation, Kellerberrin (WA Shire), Revegetation, Vegetation, Dumbleyung (WA Shire), Soil conservation, Western Australia, Lake Grace (WA Shire), Farm surveys, Vegetation types, Farms, South west region (WA), Tammin (WA Shire), Land management, Pingelly (WA Shire), Farmers' attitudes, Wheatbelt region (WA)


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