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The 2023 Regional Price Index (RPI) is the eleventh State Government Index contrasting the cost of a common basket of goods and services at a number of regional locations to the Perth metropolitan region. The RPI is used as the basis for the construction of the public sector district allowance, and by the private sector when considering remuneration packages for remotely located staff.

The RPI provides an insight into differences in regional consumer costs. The 2023 RPI basket of 185 goods and services was priced in 39 regional centres around Western Australia.

The 2023 RPI results show that, overall, prices are more expensive than Perth in all regions except for the Mid West and South West. Prices were highest in the Pilbara region, followed by the Kimberley and Gascoyne.

Consistent with the 2021 RPI, the region with the highest food category index for the 2023 RPI was the Kimberley, and the two regions with prices lower than Perth were the South West and Peel. The cost of food items compared to 2021 increased in Perth and in all regions, largely due to rising inflation. The 2023 RPI, compared to 2021, showed a reduction in this category across all regions.

In the Pilbara, housing was particularly high, with health and personal care also high, and all other categories higher than Perth prices.

In the Kimberley and Gascoyne regions, housing was high, with prices also higher than Perth in all other categories. In the Goldfields-Esperance region, health and personal care, transport and education and recreation were above Perth prices but lower than the regional index for these categories in 2021.

The Mid West and the South West regions were both lower overall than Perth, with all categories only slightly higher or slightly lower costs than Perth. The Peel region was also very close to Perth prices across all categories.

The Wheatbelt had lower housing prices than Perth, with the highest category being cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco, though this was lower than the regional index in 2021. In the Great Southern region, housing was the highest category, with transport and education and recreation also higher than Perth.

A more detailed breakdown, contrasting the eight commodity groups across regions, is available in the maps.

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Regional Price Index 2023

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