Landforms and soils of the south coast and hinterland, Western Australia. Northcliffe to Manypeaks

H M. Churchward
W M. McArthur
P L. Sewell
G A. Bartle

Digital report gratefully included by permission of CSIRO Australia to complement archival soil-landscape mapping publications in Western Australia. NOTE: Associated maps can be found at


The natural respources have been mapped in an area of some 10 000 km2 extending along the south coast of Western Australia from Point d'Entrecasteaux (116'E) to some 8o km east of Albany (118 30'E); the northern limit of the area is latitude 34 30'S. The area covered by five adjoining maps at 1:100,000 is classified first by reference to broad features of Geology and thence according to landform. Thirty five units have been recognised and these have been subdivided on the grounds of soil morphology. The physiography, soil mantle and the main elements of the natural vegetation in each unit have been described. While specific interpretation of this information is not the purpose of this report, some guidance as to it's use is offered.