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There are over 20 growers who produce cucumbers under protected cultivation in Western Australia, ranging from Manjimup in the South-West to Geraldton and Carnarvon. They mainly grow these crops hydroponically in greenhouses. There is also some production under shadecloth and some crops are grown in soil. There are two types of cucumbers grown under protected cultivation. The Continental or burpless cucumber is the main type of cucumber and has long fruit, whereas the Lebanese (mini) cucumber has shorter fruit. Compared with field cucumbers, these two types are seedless and do not require pollination to produce fruits. To ensure they are not pollinated, they must be kept apart from field crops of conventional cucumbers. Compared with field crops, protected cultivation cucumbers have flesh that has less total acids (0.11 per cent versus 0.17 per cent) and more sugars (3 per cent versus 2.8 per cent). They are smoother, greener and have a finer texture. The skin is more tender. They are not peeled and are easier to digest.

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Cultivation, Cucumbers, Crop science, Hydroponics, Greenhouses, Western Australia