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Animal production and livestock


The volume and value of Australian meat production and exports is substantial. On average over the past six years to 2006/07 Australia produced 3,166 million tonnes of meat per annum. Of this meat production, 1,428 million tonnes per annum was exported at a value of $6,411 million. Overall, exports contribute 45 per cent of total production. This supply encompasses 2,073 million tonnes of beef, 394,000 tonnes of pig meats, 361,000 of lamb and 259,000 tonnes of mutton. Between them veal and goat meat provide only 48,600 tonnes and respectively contribute 32,000 tonnes and 16,600 tonnes. Australian cattle slaughter and beef production has been relatively volatile over the past six years as has mutton. In contrast lamb production and exports have continued to rise since 2002/03 while goat meat production and exports have continued to increase since 2001/02 before a fall in 2005/06. Pig meat production and exports peaked in 2002/03 before a steady decline through to 2006/07. Australian veal production peaked in 2002/03 but declined in 2005/06 before increasing again in 2006/07.

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Mutton, Exports, Lamb (meat), Meat and Livestock industry, Meat production, Pig meat, Goat meat, Beef, Veal


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