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This Framework for sustainable pastoral management, revised edition (the Framework) describes the contemporary risk-based approach that is now being used within Western Australia (WA) to ensure management of the State’s pastoral estate meets the principles of ecologically sustainable development (ESD). Development of the Framework was undertaken as part of the Pastoral Lands Reform project initiated by the WA Government in response to the Office of the Auditor General’s (OAG 2017) report, Management of pastoral lands in Western Australia. The Framework was developed by DPIRD with input from the Interagency Steering Committee (ISC – which included senior representatives of the WA Government agencies with direct responsibilities for management of the pastoral estate) plus an Industry Reference Group (IRG – which included representatives from the Pastoral Lands Board and pastoral industry bodies). The Framework has already been formally noted by the WA State Cabinet as an integral part of the pastoral land reform process needed to address the Auditor General’s recommendations. A key element of the Framework is that it recognises the wide suite of legislative, regulatory and other requirements that the pastoral industry will need to meet to satisfy the WA and broader international community’s growing expectations about what is now known as environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities. The focus for this edition of the Framework has been to detail the risk-based systems and management processes that will be used to address land condition issues. It, does, however, outline how this approach can be used to expand the scope and progressively cover all the identified OAG, ESD and ESG requirements of WA’s pastoral industry.

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pastoral management, rangelands, risk-based management, ecologically sustainable development, land condition, pastoral condition, quantitative standards, Western Australia


The Framework for sustainable pastoral management - Revised edition and the Framework for sustainable pastoral management - Land condition version are complementary documents for risk-based management of the Western Australian pastoral estate.


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