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This report focusses on hydrogeophysical and geological interpretation of the inversion results of an airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey conducted north of Newman, Western Australia, in October and November 2019. The interpretation of the inversions is regional in scale, although we pay specific attention to interpretation of the near-surface transported cover sequences north and west of the Fortescue River. Specifically, we attempt to locate aquifers and near-surface geological structures that are likely to provide good quality groundwater for future extraction and storage. Analysis of the electrical conductivity structure of the ground also provides an estimate of the depth of the groundwater level throughout the AEM survey region and the total thickness of regolith or, equivalently, an interpreted depth to crystalline bedrock. We limit the discussion to consideration of the electrical conductivity results from the AEM survey and provide maps of interpreted geological structure. All results from this report are available from the CSIRO Data Access Portal.

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airborne electromagnetic survey, hydrogeology, managed aquifer recharge, Pilbara, groundwater modelling


Agriculture | Geology | Hydrology | Sustainability | Water Resource Management


The Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has identified priority areas across the state to assess capacity for development of irrigated agriculture. The Transforming Agriculture in the Pilbara (TAP) Project is a Royalties for Regions initiative to provide detailed studies in the Pilbara for agricultural suitability. Part of the TAP Project involves a water resource assessment that focusses on an area north of Newman, Western Australia, to assist in the planning of a potential managed aquifer recharge scheme and to contribute to the understanding of the hydrogeology of the region.


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