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Dr Michael Warne of the Reef Catchments Science Partnership and Robert Sluggett of Farmacist Pty Ltd were invited by Richard George of Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to visit Kununurra, Western Australia.

The project was financially supported by the National Water Grid Authority project “Managing water quality to enable future irrigation development in the Kimberley Region”. The aim of the visit was for Dr Warne and Rob Sluggett to engage with farmers, key stakeholders and staff from DPIRD in order to understand the agriculture and water quality in the Ord and Keep river region; and to share their experience of working with Queensland farmers, stakeholders and government to improve land management practices that minimise the off-site transport of pesticides and selecting the use of pesticides that pose lower risk to aquatic ecosystems. The visit occurred over three-days.

Following the visit Dr Warne and Robert Sluggett were to write a brief report summarising their observations and making a series of recommendations on how to improve the situation so that pesticide pollution and their potential environmental impacts are kept to a minimum.

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water quality, Keep river, “Managing water quality to enable future irrigation development in the Kimberley Region


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