Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

Volume 9, Number 2

Front Matter


Department of Agriculture, Western Australia



Bussell barley
J L. McMullan, J. A. Parish, and H. M. Fisher


Bluetongue of sheep
M R. Gardiner


Cockroaches and their control
Clee Francis Howard Jenkins


Papaw varieties for Carnarvon
Michael Gregory Hawson and D. W. Thomas

Issue cover

Editor: E. H. Lawson

Cover picture: Sprinkler-irrigated potatoes near Manjimup. The Manjimup-Pemberton area is now the state’s biggest producer of potatoes, with a quarter of the total area and a third of the total production. Irrigation allows growers to harvest good yields - the district average production is 14 tons an acre, compared with the state average of 10 tons..


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