Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Andrew Peterson


Wool, Wool classing, Measurement, Wool quality

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The classing of any wool clip into lines of uniform quality is a crucial step in optimising the value of the wool. Objective Clip Preparation (OCP) standards and training of wool classers lave led to the Australian wool clip being internationally recognised as the best classed and prepared wool in the world. However, adherence to OCP standards of clip preparation still leads to a substantial range in diameter and crimp frequency of fleeces within the main lines. Therefore, an opportunity has existed to develop improved technology to reduce the variation in quality within any main line, create lines of even greater uniformity, and to better meet the needs of wool users such as the topmaker, the spinner and weaver. Agriculture Western Australia, in collaboration with BSC Electronics, is at the forefront of developing new technology that can completely change the way wool is classed at shearing. This new technology, namely the OFDA2000, offers a radical improvement to this crucial stage of wool quality management.