Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4

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Mineral supplements


Dairy cows, Mineral nutrition, Western Australia

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TJRODUCTIVE dairy cows have a high mineral requirement. A deficiency can cause lowered milk production and poor health may result if it is not corrected.


Missing text Change in Feeding: Sometimes the sudden change in feeding after coming into the milking shed may precipitate ketosis. Obviously it is wise to avoid sudden changes in feeding, particularly with recently calved cows. If possible, cows should be fed for some weeks before calving on increasing amounts of the production ration. If this is not possible, do not feed a full production ration immediately after calving, but gradually increase the rate of feeding over several weeks. Sudden changes in feeding or management which are likely to upset the cow's appetite should be avoided. Treatment is concerned mainly with enticing the animal to resume eating. Tempt the cow with any supplement or fodder which may promote appetite.