Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Agricultural economics, Research, Western Australia

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A NEW research unit has been established at the University of Western Australia's Institute of Agriculture to study the economic aspects of agricultural problems in Western Australia.


rest of story • Economic development programmes for agriculture in Western Australia—such as the adjustment of farm size to technological progress, the development of agriculture in association with the pastoral industry, and the adjustment of farm supplies to local and export prices. Farm Policy. The centre will also publish "Farm Policy", a bulletin dealing with economic and social problems of agriculture, and written for the farmer and interested laymen. Editorial policy of the bulletin will be to publish the research findings of the John Thomson Agricultural Economics Centre, as well as articles by experts in Australian agriculture. The current issue of "Farm Policy" includes articles on promotion of demand for agricultural products, an economic comparison between jarrah, pines and farming in the South-West, and regional development. Future issues will deal with such topical subjects as development in the Kimberleys, Esperance, and the European Common Market. After the current issue (No. 3) "Farm Policy" will be available only on a subscription basis, and will be issued quarterly. Details may be obtained from the John Thomson Agricultural Economics Centre.