Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


F C. Wilkinson


Sheep, Bovicola ovis, Pest control, Western Australia

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Sheep biting lice have been controlled over the past 86 years in Western australia by a combination of routine insecticidal treatment after shearing and action by the department of Agriculture officers under legislation.

In July 1987 the sheep industry and the State Government will implement a plan to eradicate lice from sheep flocks in the agricultural areas and eventually in the pastoral areas. To achieve this the co-operation of many sectors of the industry will be required. Assuming co-operation is forthcoming, it is possible that by 1996 wool from agricultural areas will be free of lice and insecticidal treatment form lice will be the exception. The rewards will be substantial: a cost saving on insecticides and a more valuable clip free of damage caused by lice and free of insecticides used for lice treatment.