Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


Saline soils, Subsurface drainage, Esperance (W.A.), Dalwallinu (W.A.), Namban (W.A.), Frankland (W.A.), Western Australia

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Over the past five years farmers have become increasingly interested in the use of drainage to overcome saltland problems.

Experimental work by the Department of Agriculture on sub-surface drainage includes tube drainage and drainage by pumping. The Department is also monitoring the performance of open drains installed by farmers. Major sites are at Esperance, Dalwallinu, Namban and Watheroo.

Some of these projects have been reported in an earlier issue of the Journal of Agriculture. In this article P. R. George, Research Officer and R. A. Nulsen, Principal Research Officer with the Salinity and Hydrology Research Branch, discuss recent results from tube drainage experiments at Esperance, Dalwallinu and Namban and pumped drainage trials at Dalwallinu and Frankland.