Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 4


C V. Malcolm


Saline soils, Fodder plants, Salt tolerance, Atriplex, Maireana, Arthrocnemum, Revegetation plants, Seed production, Crop establishment, Variety trials

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In the first volume of the Journal of the Department of Agriculture in the year 1900, the results of experiments at Tulare Experiment Station in California on the growing of Australian saltbushes are reported.

Seed was first sent from Australia by Baron von Mueller in June, 1881. Three species of saltbush (A. semibaccata, A. numularia and A. vesicaria) are all reported to have grown well.

Although C. A. Gardner in 1929 suggested the growing of saltbushes for forage, the earliest and clearest recommendations are those of Teakle and Burvill in 1945.

Early research tended to concentrate mainly on the possibility of returning salt affected land to normal production.

Interest gradually turned from annual plants to salt tolerant perennial forage plants for revegetating salt-affected areas.