Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Copper and cobalt deficiency, Livestock, Disease control.

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Part 1. Distribution and effects

DISEASES of animals due to copper and cobalt deficiencies are well known in this State where much of the original work, on the cause of these conditions, was carried out. These investigations have been recorded elsewhere and described briefly in this Journal by Filmer and Underwood (1936), Bennetts (1935), (1937), (1940), (1941), (1942) and Bennetts et. al. (1939), (1942). During more recent years the distribution of these deficiencies in Western Australia has been surveyed in some detail. This survey has been made by field investigations and by chemical estimations of animal tissues and pastures from many localities throughout the State.

Part 2. The control of copper and cobalt deficiencies in animal

The manifestations of copper and cobalt deficiency can be prevented by the administration of appropriate mineral supplements given singly, or together where a dual deficiency exists. The choice of the means of supplementation to he adopted will depend upon environment, methods of stock management, and upon economic considerations.