Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

Volume 8, Number 2
March - April 1959

Front Matter



Winter dysentery
J. Shilkin


Rearing orphan animals
F. C. Wilkinson


The donkeys are doomed
P. J. McDonald


Flax trials, 1956-57
H. G. Elliott and F. E. Ryan


Recent radio talks
D. C. Mickle, K. Needham, K. Whitely, H. W. Bennetts, Norman Halse, G. A. Pearce, E. N. Fitzpatrick, R. A. Bettenay, R. S. Coleman, Olga M. Goss, R. D. Royce, C. F.H. Jenkins, H. G. Cariss, J. A. Button, A. S. Wild, L. C. Snook, and A. R. Tomlinson

Editor: J.A. Mallett

Cover picture: A typical orchard scene during early May showing the harvesting of Yates apples. Autumn colours are commencing to appear on the foliage of the trees and the natural weed cover crop has germinated forming a green carpet. The Yates apple is one of the principal coloured varieties grown in the State. It is popular on export markets, particularly in the United Kingdom, and is the main red variety on the local market late in the season after an initial period in cold storage.