Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Vegetables Seed planting, Pigs, Farrowing, Poultry laying tests, Goats, Fertilisers, Pastures, Pollination, Insect pests, Dairying techniques

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Current experiments with vegetable crops - By T. WACHTEL, Agricultural Adviser, Horticultural Division

Pedigree seed planting - By H. G. CARISS, B.Sc. (Agric), Regional Agricultural Adviser

The Ruakura round farrowing house - By P. BECK, Field Assistant, Dairying Division

How the random sample laying test could affect the poultry industry - By R. H. MORRIS, Officer-in-Charge, Poultry Branch

Feeding the milking goat - By K. NEEDHAM, Dairy Cattle Husbandry Officer

Fertilisers for vegetables in summer months - By J. P. FALLON, Senior Adviser (Vegetables), Horticultural Division

Pastures and their carrying capacity - By H. G. ELLIOTT, Assistant Superintendent of Dairying

Pollination - By J. CRIPPS, Adviser, Horticultural Division

Aeroplanes and insect pest control - By P. N. FORTE, Senior Entomologist

"Kill those flies" - By H. MASLIN, Dairy Instructor, Busselton

Grazing for pigs - By P. BECK, Field Assistant, Dairying Division

"Feed flavours in cream" - By an officer of the Dairying Division.

Those old milk and cream cans - By D. C. MICKLE, Dairy Instructor, Bunbury

"Overrun" in butter making and quality in home-made butter - By A. H. HOBBS, Dairy Produce Inspector

Milk flow indicators - By G. W. SCOTT, Dairy Instructor, Head Office