Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Plant disease identification, Tomatoes, Bacterial canker, Celery leaf spot, Septoria apii, Subterranean clover diseases, .

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Bacterial canker is perhaps the most serious disease confronting tomato growers in Western Australia. Once established in a planting, it is very difficult to control and it can also persist in the soil or on the supporting stakes from season to season. The disease was first recorded in Western Australia in December, 1945, when it was introduced in seed of the Tatura variety ex the Eastern States. Since then it has become very widespread.

INVESTIGATIONS commenced during the past autumn have indicated that Bordeaux 4:4:40 is the most effective of eight fungicidal preparations tested as cover sprays for the control of celery leaf spot.

THE stunt virus disease of subterranean clover, formerly referred to as "little leaf," was found during the winter of 1958 in the South Coastal agricultural areas at Esperance, Gibson and Gairdner River on subterranean clover varieties Bacchus Marsh, Dwalganup and Yarloop. Reports indicate that it also occurred in 1955 at Esperance.