Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


A. H. Bocsh


Irrigation techniques, Furrows.

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When irrigating by means of a pump delivering water from a river or creek, the first thing to be done is to have the area to be irrigated surveyed. From this survey it can be seen where the head-ditch will have to be placed. Where the land slopes away from the river, there is generally a high ridge between the river and this land. The right position for the head-ditch is just over the ridge, away from the river as shown in Fig. 1. This is necessary to prevent erosion of the bank in the event of a break occurring in the head-ditch. As soon as the head-ditch has been set out, the position of the stilling pool is indicated, as this is at the highest point on the head-ditch. This point is sometimes at the beginning, or somewhere towards the middle of the head-ditch.