Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Sewing, Cooking, Serving cakes.

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hooped and frilled petticoats are now enjoying a return to favour, but did you know that hooped petticoats were first introduced in the 16th century? Layers of frilly petticoats came into favour after Napoleonic times and indeed were so bulky and numerous that women would have lost the art of walking altogether had they not finally revolted against them and returned to hoops to hold their skirts out. These two fashions have been coming in and out of vogue since that time.

Keep the pot holders in your kitchen bright and fresh by making them with removable padding. This saves tiresome drying of bulky fillings on wash day and the outside covering can be changed when it becomes soiled. One or two filling pads can be used for a series of covers to match your colour schemes or provide bright spots around the kitchen.

Cutting cakes is usually a problem especially at party time when you want to cut economically without spoiling the appearance of the cakes. To cut a cake neatly a sharp knife with a thin blade is essential. Cut by keeping the point of the knife down and the handle up, pulling towards you as you work. Where the icing sticks to the knife and breaks away from the surface of the cake, dip the blade into a jug of hot water to keep it free while cutting.