Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Advice by air, Tiger moth, Light aircraft

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Here in the north, it is a long way from station to station. Roads, for the most part, are poor and rough, and very often the road mileage is very much greater than the distance as the crow flies. Light aircraft are able to save an enormous amount of time under these conditions. For advisory work in the spinifex area, a Tiger Moth aircraft was purchased and helped to solve the transport problem. Today, instead of being a dirty and uncomfortable necessity, travelling has become a pleasant recreation.

[The article also notes the authors flying experience and the Department of Agriculture cooperation with travel expenses, as shown below]

The writer of this article, is an Agricultural Adviser with the North-West Branch, and purchased his own Tiger Moth aircraft in September, 1952. A qualified pilot, he preferred flying to road travel, and the Department of Agriculture agreed to co-operate by paying mileage allowance for departmental flights in the same manner as for officers using road vehicles.