Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Trees of Western Australia, Red tingle

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No. 19.—The Red Tingle (Eucalyptus Jacksonii Maiden)

Although not perhaps as tall as the largest karri trees, the red tingle is certainly the largest in girth of any of the Eucalyptus trees of Western Australia. Attaining a height of upwards of 200 feet, the trees swell out towards the base, and a girth of 66 feet has been measured at the ground level by the writer. The tree closely resembles the jarrah or the blackbutt in appearance, but is much larger than either, and its grey, fibrous, persistent, furrowed bark is often blackened in the lower parts by fire. There is, however, a certain red character in this bark, which is more friable than that of the jarrah.