Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Trees of Western Australia, Coral-flower gum, Eucalyptus torquata luehm

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Among the more decorative small trees available for planting in the Eastern Agricultural Areas, there are few more suitable that Eucalyptus torquata. This tree, known also as the "Christmas Tree" of the Coolgardie and Dundas districts usually blooms during December, and its handsome drooping coral-pink blossoms make it a conspicuous object in the woodlands at that season of the year. It was first discovered by L. C. Webster near Coolgardie in 1901, on a stretch of stony dioritic country 25 miles in length and about a quarter of a mile in breadth. It is found at least as far south as Widgiemooltha, growing there on the stony hills, and is to be found also on Montana Hill at Coolgardie. Norseman, where it has also been recorded, is probably the southern limit of its area of distribution.

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