Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3


Western Australia, Scald, Apple Scald, Granny smith apples, Apple disease

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The Granny Smith has been the most widely grown variety of apple in Western Australia for many years. In 1946 a survey showed that more than one-third of the apple trees growing in this State were Granny Smiths and new plantings and reworkings since then have been predominately of this variety. Production in 1947, a very heavy crop year, exceeded a million bushels, which represented about 40 per cent, of the total apple crop for that year. This decided preference shown by growers for the Granny Smith emanates from its suitability to West Australian conditions and the strong demand for this popular apple both on the overseas and local market. However, in common with this variety grown under similar climatic conditions elsewhere, it is very subject to scald when cool stored for long periods.

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