Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

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Pet rabbits



Western Australia, Pet rabbits, Chief vermin control officer, A. R. Tomlinson, Vermin act, Rabbit permit

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A number of inquiries have recently been received by the Department of Agriculture concerning the legality of keeping rabbits as pets. The Chief Vermin Control Officer (Mr. A. R. Tomlinson) states that anyone keeping or purchasing rabbits as pets should note that the Vermin Act provides a heavy penalty for the keeping of live rabbits unless a permit has been obtained. This applies to all types of rabbits. The permits allow domestic breeds of rabbits to be kept as pets conditional upon them being confined in hutches within rabbit proof enclosures. They must not be permitted to roam loose on a property. Permits may be obtained from the Chief Vermin Control Officer, at the Adelaide Terrace Branch of the Department of Agriculture, Perth. Full name and address should be given with each

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