Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, Series 3

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Aids to better shearing


Western Australia, Shearing tools, shearing

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The demonstrations and instructional work in shearing that have been carried out in the farming areas have revealed the universal difficulty among learner-shearers in "getting a cut." Experience has shown that this absence of good cutting in handpieces has been due in large measure to the general lack of knowledge regarding grinding and the correct adjustment or "setting up" of the combs and cutters on the handpiece. Poor cutting has also resulted from the common practice of using combs and cutters that do not match, together with faulty handpiece maintenance. These and other factors leading to such poor results will be dealt with and the necessary control measures fully described. The practical instruction in grinding, etc., which has been included in the shearing demonstrations is now supplemented by this article. To those who have attended the demonstrations the article will be very useful for reference, and to others