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Spring 1968

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Apiculture, Australia, Honey, Beekeeping




The purposes of Dr Crane's 6-week visit to Australia in October-November 1967, which was made at the invitation of the Honey Research Advisory Committee and financed by joint Commonwealth/Industry research funds, were:

  • to study Australia's need in bringing the results of research in apiculture throughout the world to practical honey producers;
  • to lecture on the activities of the Bee Research Association and on how the BRA can help the beekeeping industry;
  • to advise State Department of Agriculture apicultural extension officers on the facilities provided by the BRA and on how to make best use of those facilities to assist in the development of the beekeeping industry;
  • to advise on how the activities of the BRA can be developed and extended in Australia;
  • to list aspects of Australian methods and research which she felt were most important.


Due to the comprehensive nature of the report, this is an abridged version, consisting of extracts of interesting comments and recommendations made by Dr Crane, and omitting some of the detailed reasoning on which her conclusions are based.

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