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The direct and indirect contribution to the economy from produce grown by WA horticulture industries increases to $3.03b when it moves along the supply chain to reach the end consumer in WAB. This increase results from the addition of storage, packaging, transport and other inputs.

Jobs created on-farm by WA horticulture, the majority of which are in regional communities, are estimated to be 14,520 during peak season (ABARES) making horticulture a significant employer in agriculture in Western Australia.

This study calculates more reliable estimates on the area, volume, and value of horticulture production in the WA across production regions.

The results presented refer to a period during which the industry was affected adversely by COVID-19, with labour shortages, supply chain interruptions and freight issues. So, whilst the information may not be typical, it is the most recently available and when compared to future studies it will enable the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to be calculated.

Several primary and secondary data sources are compared and verified to arrive at a reliable set of information on the value of production and its regional distribution. Further analysis specific to major industries is conducted to estimate the value of horticulture to the state’s economy.

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