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Fisheries Research Report No. 242


Government of Western Australia Department of Fisheries




1035 - 4549


ObjectiveMany people are interested in fishes, but often it can be difficult to access reliable information on the biology, status and management of a particular fish species. Although there is a long history of world class fisheries research and management in Australia, the full details are generally only available in a fragmented manner in various scientific journals, books and reports. In some cases, these sources of information can be difficult to find and, even for fisheries researchers and managers, who usually have access to scientific journals, certain types of information such as unpublished reports or student theses, can be hard to acquire. The first objective in developing this guide was thus to collate a range of important details relating to current biological understanding, stock status and management for 30 of Western Australia’s most important and/or well known, temperate marine fish species. The second objective was to provide a comprehensive list of publications relevant to each species, to enable easier access to more detailed information on those species.

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Aquaculture and Fisheries