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Workshop at Second National Fisheries Managers Conference, Bribie Island, Queensland, October 18, 1994. Recreational fisheries management is one of the growth areas in Australian fisheries. The Australian Society for Fish Biology Workshop topic for its 1994 Conference was Recreational Fishing - What's the Catch. It was acknowledged at the ASFB conference that there were generally poor levels of information and for the lower value commercial and recreational fisheries there may be no way to gather definitive research data for the foreseeable future. However, in even the high profile fisheries, public perceptions, attitudes, and political will do not allow for the gathering and analysing of comprehensive research information. Management decisions are therefore generally based on "the best available information." This generic term is open to wide interpretation -from carte blanche for definitive social based management, to a reason for inactivity due to differing opinions on the consequences of change. The workshop will explore management initiatives for recreational fisheries, their goals and the justification for their being enacted. The workshop will also discuss improved recreational fisheries management coordination throughout Australia.

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