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In mid 1994, the Fisheries Department of Western Australia announced that it would prepare a discussion paper setting out options for future management of the demersal scalefish fishery off the Kimberley coast. This paper, which was to be the start of a wider consultative process, was also to include options for possible further development of the trap and line fisheries. This paper is only the first step in a process for developing formal long term management arrangements under the new fisheries legislation, the Fish Resources Management Act 1994. Its aim is to provide some background and to present some management options. The paper is not all inclusive and it does not support a Departmental preference for any option. It is hoped that it will generate thought and discussion within the many and varied user groups with an interest in the fish resources of the Kimberly area. The paper will outline the management process, a major component of which is the formation of a Working Group whose job it will be to consult among the user groups and develop a preferred position on management for this fishery.

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