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In November 1995 Cabinet resolved that the Minister for Fisheries would establish the Abrolhos Islands Management Advisory Committee (AIMAC) pursuant to Section 42 of the Fish Resources Management Act 1994. The role of AIMAC is to advise the Minister for Fisheries about the management of the Abrolhos Islands and the adjoining State Territorial Waters, as detailed in Section of this report. The AIMAC has overseen the preparation of this report on behalf of the Minister for Fisheries. This draft report contains a brief description of the Abrolhos System and its special values. It also states goals and objectives for management during the next five years, along with strategies to achieve these objectives. The report provides a ‘blue print’ for the future management of the area. Schedule 1 attached to this report is the draft plan of management for the Abrolhos Islands Fish Habitat Protection Area, which will be established pursuant to Section 115 of the Fish Resources Management Act 1994. This is a separate draft plan which has been prepared to meet the requirements of Section 117 of the Fish Resources Management Act 1994. It contains a legal description of the area and the recommendations in this report which relate to the management of the proposed Fish Habitat Protection Area.

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