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Fisheries Department Perth Western Australia.




Foreign investment in the rock lobster industry become an important issue during 1988 following the purchase of the rock lobster processing establishment INF Pty Ltd by the Japanese company Chungagon. On 24 June 1988 the then Minister for Fisheries, the Hon. Julian Grill, issued a press release setting out that foreign investment in the rock lobster industry would be put under scrutiny. The debate on rock lobster processing, involves not only questions of end-user ownership with the likely concentration on small-sized rock lobsters but also on the location of rock lobster processing establishments along the coast. In September 1988, with the encouragement and assistance from the Minister for Fisheries, the Rock Lobster and Prawning Association released a document, prepared by management consultants Peat Marwick Hungerfords entitled "A review of rock lobster processing management practices. That document included a proposal that a policy statement be released on the matter of the issue, transfer and re-location of processing licences and establishments.

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Lobster fisheries, Fishery policy, Investments, Western Australia.


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