Publication Date


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Fisheries Management Paper No. 291


Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development




There are currently five Instruments of Exemption which allow for commercial fishing for crab in the Kimberley Developing Crab Fishery (Developing Fishery). Three of the Exemptions are held by non-indigenous commercial operators, and two are held by Aboriginal Body-C orporates who fish in smaller areas with the consent of traditional owners. These Exemption holders have been accessing the Developing Fishery since it first commenced in 2006. The total catch of mud crab for the Developing Fishery peaked in 2015 at 15.3t. This catch represented a 20% increase on the reported catch from 2014 and is 39% higher than catches recorded in 2006 when fishing within the Developing Fishery first began. Overall, catches have remained relatively low compared to the Northern Territory mud crab fishery and other crab fisheries in Western Australia. A lack of secure access rights has been a limiting factor to greater investment in this fishery.




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