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Fisheries Management Paper No. 269


Western Australian Department of Fisheries




Four commercial fisheries currently operate using pots to target crustaceans including deep sea crabs and rock lobsters on the south coast between Cape Leeuwin and the South Australian border. The four fisheries include, two managed fisheries; the Windy Harbour-Augusta Rock Lobster Managed Fishery (WHARLF) and Esperance Rock Lobster Managed Fishery (ERLF), the Southern Rock Lobster pot licence (SRL) fishery operating under Regulation 125 of the Fish Resources Management Regulations 1995 (FRMR) and the deep sea crab fishery operating under Fishing Boat Licence (FBL) Condition 105. Noting the multiple and different management arrangements in place to manage these fisheries and the rock lobster and deep sea crab resources of the south coast, Fisheries Management Paper 232, ‘The South Coast Crustacean Fishery: A Discussion Paper’ (FMP 232) was developed, and defined a set of proposals for the future management of the fisheries.

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South Coast Bioregion - Fisheries - Western Australia; Crustacean fisheries; Fishery management; South Coast region - Western Australia


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