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West Coast Rock Lobster Managed Fishery licensees target the western rock lobster, Panulirus Cygnus using baited pots (traps) on the west coast of Western Australia (WA). The fishery, which has long been one of the most valuable single species fisheries in Australia, extends from North West Cape to Cape Leeuwin in the south, with the main fishing occurring between Shark Bay and Perth.

In response to a series of poor puerulus settlements commencing in 2009, a suite of management changes have been introduced to significantly reduce catch levels to appropriately deal with the expected low levels of recruitment entering the fishery while assisting industry’s ability to maximise economic returns from the available catch.

The primary aim of the Draft Plan contained in this document is to finalise the transition and move the fishery to a full Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ) management framework.

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West Coast Bioregion - Fisheries - Western Australia, Lobster fisheries, Western rock lobster, Panulirus cygnus, Fishery management, Fishery regulations, West Coast marine bioregion - Western Australia, Western Australia


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