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Department of Fisheries Western Australia




It has been recognized that there are a number of potential impediments to achieving continued growth of this industry. These include the need for increased investment, an expansion in markets and ensuring environmental sustainability. One of the most important however, is meeting the growing expectations of the community that all aquaculture sectors can clearly demonstrate that they are operating within the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD). Western Australia’s Department of Fisheries is responsible for the management of aquaculture in the State and is committed to implementing ESD. These principles are contained within the objectives of the Fish Resources Management Act 1994 and the agency is keen to demonstrate both to the Government and the broader community that these principles are being achieved.

The Department developed a policy statement in 2002, Policy for the Implementation of Ecologically Sustainable Development for Fisheries and Aquaculture within Western Australia (Fletcher 2002) to provide direction to the agency on incorporating ESD within fisheries and aquaculture management.

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Finfish fisheries, Aquaculture, Aquaculture - Management.


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